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work plan



1. Review and update the operating policies of the Operational Policy section

2. Update the department's operating policies on the center's website to empower the doctors View it and download it to your computer.

3. Updating the common treatment protocols between the dermatology department and some hospital departments.

Morning to treat some dermatological diseases Operational Interdepartmental Policy

4. Activate the committees and meetings related to the service quality recognition program, which Include:

a. Department Board Meetings

B. Review Chart Committee Meetings

c. Activating the questionnaire to measure the extent of the auditors’ satisfaction with the department’s health service Patients Satisfaction Dr.. Comments and Complaints

5. Follow-up to participate in the meetings of the hospital committees through the representatives of the department in those


6. Attending the periodic meetings of the hospital department board through the department head or Someone to represent him when necessary.

7. Attending the periodic meetings of the specialized department council through the department head

8. Follow up on the emergency plan set by Al-Sabah Emergency Hospital Plan

9. Encouraging doctors to enter the diagnosis into the computer of all patients' files. At the center to provide the necessary statistics on skin diseases in the center.

10. Follow up on entering the personal data of new patients into the computer by the records Medical, which stops from time to time due to the lack of necessary labor.

11.Following up the entry of patients' appointments into the computer from the medical records, which It stops from time to time due to lack of necessary labor.

12.Following up the appointment of patients through the center's website -On 2006 Year Established Which- Line Appointment Booking Servic  Which takes place without the need for an actual review of the center to take or change the appointment, and is  Use by reviewers on a daily and regular basis.

13. Continue to update the center's website, which was established a year ago. 2000, and the website contains a lot of information about the center as well as information of interest. Dermatologists in particular, in addition to providing an appointment service Patients are available at the center through the Internet. And the website address is:

The center contains audio-visual aids, as well as a medical library at the disposal of the center's doctors.

And since the Asaad Al-Hamad Center for Dermatology is a specialized center of the highest level,

The Center Care Tertiary is recognized as a primary educational center for physician training.

Those who are enrolled in the Kuwaiti Board of Diseases Program, and the center is recognized by the board

The Arab Medical Specialization qualifies the doctors who join it for training in preparation for obtaining a certificate

Arab Board in Dermatology and Venereology.

The center, through consultant physicians, teaches the seventh-year students of the Faculty of Medicine, University of

Kuwait is cooperating with the Family Medicine Center to train some family medicine doctors in

Dermatology is carried out periodically, and physicians who are in the process of specializing in specialized branches are trained.

Various medicine, especially internal medicine and children, whether inside Kuwait or on missions

Studies to obtain the American, Canadian or German board.

1. There is a need to expand the building of the Asaad Al-Hamad Dermatology Center for the following reasons:

- Increasing the volume of work in the center and adding new specialties.

 - Meeting the increasing needs to provide educational clinics for Kuwaiti board doctors

 Dermatology for training and gaining clinical experience.

- Laser unit: As there are many different laser devices available today.

The number of rooms is small, which requires placing more than one device in one clinic, and this places a burden on the patient.

References and doctors.

- Expanding the establishment of other specialized clinics that we need to serve patients.

But there are currently no places that allow its establishment.

 - The need for stores in the center as the existing ones are not enough and the expansion of the building can be in one of two ways:

A- A building attached to the center consisting of several floors should be constructed in the square in front of the center

The center is connected to the staff parking corridor at the back of the center, and the building is connected

b- To exploit the surface of the ground floor, since the first floor only occupies part of the surface of the ground floor.

Completing the first floor, as this will save the space of the ground floor, if it is feasible engineering

large center.

2 - .Follow-up the center's cosmetic agriculture activities.

3. A request for the appointment of medical records clerks and computer data entry personnel for work needs.

4. A request to appoint 2 clerks of records to assist in writing reports, follow-up on patients’ appointments, and deliver reports and test results in each of the lab’s wounds and cuts, as well as the cuts.

5. The need to do some maintenance work for the center, which includes dyeing for some clinics.

and places

Quality services


This center is considered the first and largest center for dermatology in the State of Kuwait, and it represents the Department of Dermatology. Dermatology and Venereology of Al-Sabah Medical District. The center was established in its modern building with a generous donation from The late (God willing), Uncle Khaled Al-Hamad, with an amount of one million five hundred and seventy thousand Kuwaiti dinars. This center was given the name of his late son (God willing), Asaad Al-Hamad. It was officially opened under Under the patronage of His Excellency the former Minister of Health, Dr. Abda Rahman Saleh Al-Muhailan, on 9/30/1996

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Asaad Al-Hamad Dermatology Center through public outpatient clinics by providing health service to the health area of ​​which the center is affiliated.